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Bathrooms, Patios and Verandahs

Queensland Terrazzo Repairs will transform and restore your existing terrazzo Bathroom, Toilet
or Veranda bringing back it's beauty and breathing new life into it.

Our advice to anyone is - Don't jackhammer  or tile over your terrazzo without considering your options -  not only is your terrazzo part of the history of your home, in today's times the cost of installing such a beautiful floor is unaffordable to most, so your terrazzo floor is quite valuable.

Queensland Terrazzo Repairs is one of the only terrazzo companies who restores these surfaces so please call us for some advice and to discuss your restoration options.

We also install new terrazzo and can provide you with advice and support when considering terrazzo options.

Restoration or New Terrazzo, Marble, Sandstone, Granite & Tiling  - Enquire now

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